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DETO’s Top 5 Hatchbacks of All Time

I think when the word “hatchback” comes to mind for most people, it’s usually associated with a negative conotation.  I think that the image of a daily driven, econ-o-friendly beater car is what first pops into mind.   People forget that the “hatchback” design is the most common body type for any speed-hungry, aerodynamic super-car.   I would like to reflect on some of my personal favorite hatchbacks.  Before you bring this to my attention, I know that my list does not pertain to any given category other then that none of these cars are exotic, only tuner cars.  So, shall we begin…

1. My first pick is the elegant and unique styling of the BMW M Coupe First Generation E36/8 (1998-2002), with it’s wide body-”track ready” stance.


Here’s a video of Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear getting drifty in the M Coupe.

2. My second pick is the Mid-rear beast from France.  The Renault Clio V6.


Once again, Mr.Clarkson with the Clio.  I want his job….

3. Ok, for my third pick I’m going with the iconic Honda Civic Type R(EK9).  This is the car that put small displacement racing motors on the map!  Here is DETO’s homage to the motor that made this car a legend:


Check out the Spoon Sports EK9 ripping through these narrow, touge-like roads.

4. My fourth pick has to be the Mazda 323 GTX.  This little sleeper of a car can be a beast if tuned the right way.  It’s light, AWD and turbo…


Check out the awesomeness of the digital dash on the 323:

5. My fifth pick is VW GTI VR6.  Initially i wanted to go with the R32, but for a car with a much bigger motor and not much faster I couldn’t do it.  Plus it’s automatic…

Here’s a picture of the evolution of the GTI.  I’m particularly partial to the MK3, but i love the simple and clean line of the MK1.


Well that is DETO’s top 5 hatchback list.  I can already think of a few that should have made the list.  If you can think of any hatchbacks that should have made the list and didn’t, let me know and i may do a top 10…

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